SmartAir BOOST – Radiator Efficiency Bundle

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Maximise your energy bill savings with this money saving bundle.  

You’ll feel warmer quicker with the energy and money saving SmartAir BOOST. Plus the SmartAir Radiator Heat Reflector Insulation Foil reflects up to 97% heat back into your room. 

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Reduce energy wastage, reduce heat loss and save money.  

SmartAir BOOST reduces the amount of heat you lose out of windows or by warming your ceilings and the SmartAir Radiator Insulation Foil reflects up to 97% of heat that would be lost in the wall behind your radiator back towards the room.  

Together this money saving bundle keeps you warmer and your energy bill lower.  

Keep your home toasty and warm for less. 

SmartAir BOOST Radiator Fan: 

  • Cut your heating bills: circulate heat at living height, not ceiling height so your therostat switches off quicker and saves you money. 
  • Redirectwarm air from your radiators: rather than letting all your heat rise to slowly heat your room from the ceiling down, SmartAir BOOST redirects rising heat from the radiator and accelerates it forward, boosting and improving the heat circulation more effectively.   
  • Patent-pending engineered design: four energy efficient, axiel fans drive your radiator’s heat through sealed air conducting funnels into your room where you want and need it.  
  • Use either Manual mode for control or Automatic mode for maximum efficiency: with the flip of a switchyou canchoose between Manual and Automatic mode. In Automatic mode when your radiator’s surface heats to 33°C SmartAir BOOST will spring into action, redirecting warm air into your room. When your radiator cools down to under 33°C the BOOST will turn off so it’s never driving cold air into your room.  
  • Costs less than a penny to run for an hour: SmartAir BOOST is so efficient it costs less than half a penny an hour to run.* 
  • Use either corded or cordless for complete versatility: you can run directly SmartAir BOOST off mains power or charge the built-in power bank for up to fourteen continuous hours of use. 
  • Helps dry your clothes faster by directing warm air right onto your clothes airer. 
  • No installation required: simply place it on your radiator, no need for a plumber or electrician. 
  • Lightweight and portable: take SmartAir BOOST with you from your home office in the day to the living room in the evening to your bedroom at night. 
  • Discreet, modern design: fits into any room. 
  • Engineered to be 41cm long to efficiently heat your whole room fast: SmartAir BOOST allows some heat to rise to heat the room from the top down while keeping the warm air it pushes into your room where you want it: around you and your family. 
  • You're in control: choose between high and low fan speeds, charge on the radiator or keep it cordless, go manual or automatic. The choice is yours.  
  • Fits virtually any radiator including:
    • Double Convector 
    • Tubular Double
    • Tubular Single
    • Cast Iron Style
  • Thanks to the included Stability Feet it even works on Single Convector radiators.
  • Easy-read LED digital display: tells you which fan speed you are using, High or Low, then cycles to the percentage battery life remaining and then to the surface temperature of your radiator. 

Product Details

  • Weight: 1.6kg 
  • Dimensions: W 41cm x H 10.5cm x D 11.5cm 
  • Wattage: 10W 
  • Voltage: 5V 
  • Cable length: 1.8m 
  • Charge Time: 4.5 hours 
  • Run Time:
  • Low: up to 14 hours
  • High: 8.5 hours 
  • Volume when in use:
    • High Setting: 48.6dB
    • Low Setting: 45.7dB

SmartAir Radiator Insulation Foil: 

  • Premium specification: full 5mm thickness reduces the heat lost through the walls by up to 97%. 
  • Improve energy efficiency in your home and save money: the specially designed foil reflects heat from your radiator back into your room and the bubble pocket internal structure adds even more insulation!  
  • Easy to apply - just cut to size: no special tools required and there’s no need to remove your radiator! Simply measure the area behind your radiator you want to insulate, cut a section to size, slip it behind the radiator and affix it to the wall with some of the included self-adhesive pads.  
  • Invisible design: enjoy the heat reflecting benefit without seeing the foil. You can cut it to any shape so you can hide it behind your radiators perfectly.   
  • Insulate multiple radiators with just one pack: on average you can insulate three radiators with one pack of SmartAir Radiator Insulation Foil. It’s 0.6m wide and a massive 5m long so you can trim down the perfect amount over and over!  
  • Includes 18 self-adhesive pads.

*calculated using Ofgem UK price cap per kWh as of October 2022. 

This product is covered by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (Terms & Conditions Apply). 

  • SmartAir BOOST Radiator Fan 
  • Charger 
  • 2 x SmartAir BOOST Stabiliser Feet 
  • SmartAir Radiator Foil (5m x 0.6m)  
  • 18x Self-adhesive Pads