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What types of floors is the Verti Steam Mop suitable for?
Sealed hard floor and carpets with the use of the carpet glider.

Can the Verti Steam Mop be used for anything else?
The Verti Steam Mop is designed to clean floors only.

Is the unit detachable?
No, the unit cannot be detached.

How long does Verti Steam Mop take to heat up?
Verti Steam Mop is ready to use after 30 seconds. (60 seconds for your first use)

What is the water tank capacity of Verti Steam Mop?
The Verti Steam Mop has a 230ml water tank.

Can cleaning detergents or other cleaning liquids be used in the Verti Steam Mop?
No, Verti Steam Mop only uses water to steam clean.

Can diffuser oil be used in the Verti Steam Mop?

Can boiling water be used in the Verti Steam Mop?
No, only use cold or room temperature water in Verti Steam Mop. The internal boiler will do the rest.

How long does one tank of water last?
A full tank of water will generate 8 minutes of continuous steam.

Can heavy spills be cleaned by the Verti Steam Mop?
We recommend using Verti Steam Mop for light spills and floor steaming.

How much does Verti Steam Mop weigh?
Verti Steam Mop weighs 1.4kg

Are the Verti Steam Mop fabric attachments machine washable?
Yes, the fabric attachments are machine washable.

How long is the Verti Steam Mop power cord?
Verti Steam Mop’s power cord is 6m long.

What are the dimensions of the Verti Steam Mop?
26.5cm x 13.6cm x 120cm

What accessories come with the Verti Steam Mop?
200 ml Water Cup, Hard Floor Cleaning Pad, Carpet Cleaning Pad and Carpet Glider.

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