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How do I fill the water tank?

Rotate the locking catch clockwise into the horizontal position. Pull the water tank out of the bottom of the appliance and fill with water using a jug. Push the water tank back into the bottom of the appliance and rotate the locking catch anti-clockwise to lock.

How do I know when the water tank is empty?

Simply use the water window on the front of the unit to see how much water is in the tank .

How do I increase/ decrease the wind speed?

Press the fan icon on the control panel or remote. Select the desired wind speed, there are 3 speeds: Low, Medium, High.

How do I select a mode?

Press the M icon on the control panel or remote. Select the desired mode, there are 3 modes: Day Wind, Calm Sleep Wind, Baby Wind. These will be illuminated on the control panel.

How do I use the auto shut off and delay timers?

When the fan is on, press the clock icon multiple times to choose between 1 to 7 hours in 1 hour intervals. The fan will automatically turn off when the timer ends. When the fan is in standby mode, do the same as above to set the delay start up time.

How do I switch the product on?

Slot the plug into a mains power socket and turn the power on if required. Press the power button on the top of your Fast Chill Max or the power button on the remote control to turn your Fast Chill Max on.

How do I clean the wet curtain?

Grip the top of the wet curtain support and pull outwards then lift off the back of your Fast Chill Max. Rotate the locking catch at the bottom of the wet curtain support a quarter turn anti-clockwise. Lift the wet curtain out of the wet curtain support so that it can be cleaned.

Allow the wet curtain to dry completely and then brush any dust or grime off.

Reverse the process above to refit the wet curtain and wet curtain support.

How do I store the power cable?

On the back of the appliance there are two cable arms that are used to wrap the power cable around. Push the backs of the two cable arms inwards to open them. Wrap the power cord around the ends of the two cable arms to safely store the power cable.

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