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How do I use my RevivaGun?

Turn Power Switch at the base of the handle to the ‘ON’ position. Blue lights on the back of the unit, just to the right of the button, will illuminate to show charge capacity. Adjust the massage intensity levels by pressing the Power Button. Each click will increase the speed (5 levels), as indicated by the blue lights to the left of the button. For muscle recovery and massage, just attach the preferred massage head to your gun by simply connecting it to the device, then apply the desired pressure on your muscles that need the most therapy.

What are the different massage tips for?

The massage heads are designed to specifically target different muscle types. Please refer to your instruction manual and how to guide for guidance on the best use for each attachment.

How long should I use my Massage & Recovery for?

Depending on your required result, we recommend using your New Image Massage & Recovery Gun for a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 3 minutes per muscle group.

Who is the RevivaGun for?

The RevivaGun is designed for anyone who suffers from muscular pain and soreness.

How should the unit and massage heads be cleaned?

Wipe clean only with a damp cloth.

Is it safe to use with any medical conditions?

You should always consult your doctor if in doubt before any use of the product.

How long does it take to charge?

3 hours.

How long does the battery last?

Up to 2.5 hours (dependent on speed setting used).

How do I change massage heads?

The heads will push in and out easily. A sealing ring keeps them in place during use.

What is the maximum time I should use it for?

We recommend spending no longer than 20 minutes using the Massage Gun at a time, and no longer than 3 minutes on an individual muscle group.



If you are pregnant, please consult your doctor before using.

If you have any medical related issues and are unsure if you should use the RevivaGun, please consult your doctor before use.

Never expose your RevivaGun to water.

Do not use attachments other than those provided by New Image.

New Image Massage & Recovery Gun is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any diseases.

Do not use the RevivaGun on your head or near your genitals.

Do not use on open wounds or surgical incisions prior to stitches.

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