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How do I set up my FITT Mill?

In a clear floor space, set the unit up away from any potential obstacles, plug the power cable into the unit and the power point and ensure it is switched on.

Before using FITT Mill, ensure the running belt is aligned correctly in the centre of the unit. The orange strips as printed on the running belt should be used as a visual guide to make sure the belt is equidistant from each side of the product housing. This will stop any risk of friction damage. Please see below for instructions on aligning the belt if necessary.

Ensure the magnetic red safety clip is attached to the underside of the handlebar and then clip the other end to your clothing at waist height. If the magnetic safety clip is not correctly in place on the handlebar, you will see an error message on the display and the machine will not function.

When everything is in place, step onto the running belt before switching on. Use the remote to power on and slowly increase speed to your desired level.

How do I connect my phone to the Bluetooth speaker?

The Bluetooth speak will connect to any smartphone or tablet by simply searching for the unit’s name in your mobile’s Bluetooth settings and selecting ‘Pair’. All music & volume should then be controlled through the phone. You should refrain from doing this during exercise and make adjustments only during rest intervals.

How do I maintain my FITT Mill?

A light covering of lubrication should be applied to the underside edge of the running belt at regular intervals to minimize wear and tear:

  • Usage less than 3 hours per week, once every 5 months
  • Usage 4 – 7 hours per week, once every 2 months
  • Usage more than 7 hours per week, once a month.

To apply the silicone oil, lift the running belt and squeeze a small amount of the oil on the underneath of the belt. To ensure an even application across the belt step from left to right on the belt whilst running it at 1 kmh. Do not over lubricate the belt, after lubrication the underneath of the belt should feel a little damp. NEVER let the belt run dry.

How do I clean FITT Mill?

The unit should only ever be cleaned with a damp cloth.

How do I adjust the running belt?

Always make sure the running belt is positioned centrally before use. The orange strips as printed on the running belt should be used as a visual guide to make sure the belt is equidistant from each side of the product housing. This will stop any risk of friction damage.

If the belt is not aligned, use the Allen key provided to loosen the bolts located at the ends of the track. Ensure both are completely loose. Once loose, the running belt can be realigned. Carefully move the belt as required, ensuring it’s repositioned to be equidistant from each side.

What do I do if I lose my remote?

The remote is crucial to the operation of the product. It should be stored in a safe place when not in use and sou

Why do I need the red safety clip?

The red safety clip should always be attached to clothing your clothing at waist height when using FITT Mill. It also must be connected to the magnetic section of the handlebar as specified or the unit will not function.

How best should I exercise on this product?

Before engaging in any workout, A warm up should always be undertaken to avoid risk of injury and become used to the product. This means starting on a lower speed setting and building up to a comfortable walking/jogging speed. If you have any health concerns prior to use, a doctor should be consulted.

What should I do if my treadmill won’t start?

Firstly, check the power is connected and power switch on both the unit and power point are on. Secondly, check the red magnetic safety clip is connected to the unit. Without this you will see an error message on the display.

Can I store the unit stood upright?

The unit can be stored upright but most be tilted against a wall or in a cupboard space to avoid any risk of the unit falling. It should also be kept clear of any small children or pets.

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