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How do I use my FITT Bell?

Following the instruction manual, fill the unit/s with water to your desired weight level. (1 litre of water = 1kg)

Using the provided pump, then top the unit/s up with air to create the rigid shape.

Either connect two bells with the provided connector (included with double set) or use individually as desired.

Can you fill these with sand?

These are strictly water-based units and not designed to be filled with any other substance besides water and air.

How do I clean them?

Use a damp cloth to clean the outside of the product. The product should be regularly emptied to stop any build of bacteria in the stagnant water. To prevent mould build up over time, this can be cleaned by filling with sterilising solution as specified in the instruction manual.

Can this be used as a buoyancy device?

Although this is not designed or tested to be used within a swimming pool setting, all components are waterproof and therefore could be used at users own risk.

Can I buy replacement handles?

We always stock spare parts in the instance of accidental damage or product fault. Parts can be made available in the correct circumstance. The product will also be sold in both single and double orientations if a user so choses to buy 2 single sets at different points in time.

How thick is the PVC?

The PVC Material is 0.75mm and double this thickness on the overlapping seams. The PVC material is also a flexible polymer which adds to its durability.

Can the product be dropped or thrown?

No. Although we have performed drop testing on this product, a user should always refrain from dropping the unit as this can inflict damage to plastic parts & seams. It also could cause damage to the environment in which the product is used.


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