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How do I adjust the seat?

There are 2 adjustment points for the seat. To change the height, use the spring locking knob on the upright seat post to adjust the height. Use the locking knob on the horizontal post to adjust the seat position front to back.

What's the maximum user weight?


How do I maintain my Cyclone X3?

It is advised to regularly check all fixing points to ensure nuts, bolts & screws are all securely fastened.

How do I clean Cyclone X3?

It is advised to wipe down the unit with a damp cloth to maintain the product after use. Detergents should be avoided on this product.

Is there a maximum/minumum user height?

We advise that this product is best used for people who are 4ft 11 and above.

How long does it take to assemble?

This product takes approximately 20-30 minutes to assemble.

How do I change the resistance?

This product has a fixed resistance that is controlled by the speed of your pedalling. The quicker you pedal, the more resistance you will feel.

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