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How long does it take for Bionic Trimmer to fully charge?
Approximately four hours. The indicator light will change from red to green to show when Bionic Trimmer is fully charged.

How do I use Bionic Trimmer as an edger?
Simply turn the unit over and slowly move Bionic Trimmer along the grass you’d like to edge.

What do I do if grass gets wrapped around Bionic Trimmer?
Stop the trimmer, wait until the cable ties stop moving, carefully remove the grass, turn trimmer back on and continue trimming.

How can I help prevent long grass getting wrapped around Bionic Trimmer?
Don’t lower your trimmer into the area you want to trim from above, slowly move the trimming head into the area from the side.

How do I attach cable ties to Bionic Trimmer?
Remove any cable ties already on the Bionic Trimmer then insert the cable ties through the holes on the side of the drive pin. Thread the end of the cable tie into the cable tie lock and pull until tight.

How do I extend/shorten the telescoping pole?
Twist the pole lock in the middle of the telescoping pole to loosen it, extend or shorten Bionic Trimmer to your desired length then twist it again to lock the pole in place.


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