Paint Runner Pro

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More time to get creative at home? Get that paint job done quick and easy with Paint Runner Pro! No dipping, dripping or mess!

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How many times have you wanted to redecorate but been put off by having to cover all your furniture and carpets? There’s no need with the Paint Runner Pro!

Simply open the Paint Runner Pro roller and fill it with up to 900ml of acrylic or water-based paint. All the paint is contained in the patented roller so there’s no constant dipping in a roller tray, saving you time. You could even save money as you won’t leave paint in the bottom of the tray or splattered all over the floor!

With the included pole adaptor you can use virtually any broom handle to paint ceilings in a flash.

Not only that, but you control how thick each coat is by how hard you press so you could be done with one coat!

Paint Runner Pro’s patented microfibre roller is perfect for virtually any surface. Delicate wood, render, wallpaper, textured rubber mats and even porous concrete can all be covered in one coat with the Paint Runner Pro and clean-up is as easy as rinsing under a tap.

But that’s not all! With the Flocked Edger you can paint right up against light switches, window sills, skirting boards and plug sockets without any need for masking tape. And with the BONUS Corner Cutter you can paint right into those difficult corners without any uneven and unsightly brush strokes.

Take all of your decorating plans off hold and paint a wall in 5 minutes or an entire room in 20 – all with no mess and no fuss!

  • Reduce paint wastage as well as drips and splatters with the self-contained and refillable roller that holds up to 900ml of paint.
  • Easily washable for fast clean up, use water based paint and you can just rinse under a tap.
  • With the Flocked Edger Corner Cutter cutting in to light switches or windows is clean and easy.
  • Get right into those hard to paint corners with the BONUS Corner Cutter
  • The patented distribution system with seamless micro-fibre head delivers an even coat every time.
  • Paint ceiling and high walls easily with the Paint Runner Pole adaptor and almost any broom handle.
  • No dipping, no dripping, no mess!
  • Paint Runner Pro covers virtually any surface in just one coat.

This product is covered by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (Terms & Conditions Apply).

  • Paint Runner Pro Roller
  • Resting Tray
  • Paint Runner Pro Pole Adaptor
  • Instruction Manual
  • Flocked Edger
  • BONUS Easy Pouring Jug
  • BONUS Corner Cutter