(Like New) Midea SmartAir Fast Chill Tower XL Evaporative Cooling Fan with 7L Water Tank

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Larger, more powerful and with a longer run time, you can enjoy even more of a refreshingly cool breeze with the Fast Chill Tower XL. Just fill and chill! 

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Don’t just move hot, stuffy air around the room, transform it into a cool fresh breeze! Beat the heat everyday with SmartAir Fast Chill Tower XL 

With a longer run time, a larger capacity, and a faster air flow, SmartAir Fast Chill Tower XL provides even more cooling power than the original SmartAir Fast Chill Tower.  

  • Even bigger, even better!: Fast Chill Tower XL features a 7L water tank, a full 2L bigger than the original SmartAir Fast Chill Tower. 
  • Cool and quiet: with a quiet 40-64dB running volume, you can keep cool without being disturbed.  
  • Powerful and fast: 500m3/h of power means your room can be cooled in minutes.  
  • Four fan speeds: with one more speed than the original Fast Chill Tower, whether you want a gentle breeze or a faster, stronger airflow there’s a perfect setting for you. 
  • 2-in-1 fan and air cooler: the XL is a 4-speed tower fan and it’s a Smart Air Cooler using Hydro-Cooling Technology that actively chills the air while as it passes through a special water wall filter. 
  • Large, easy-refill 7L water tank: the large capacity water tank can last up to 8 hours and is so easy to remove and refill. Add one of the bonus ice packs for an even cooler air flow. 
  • 60° oscillation to cool any room: whether you want cool, fresh air circulated around your whole room or need a cool breeze directly at you on a hot summer’s day, you’ll have fresh air exactly where you want it. 
  • Cool air, don’t just move it around: most other fans just push air around the room. Fast Chill Tower XL actively chills the air as it passes through a natural water curtain to keep you nice and cool.  
  • Includes 2 ice packs, for an extra cool breeze: you’ll always be cool, even in the height of summer. While you’re using one the other can be in the freezer, ready to go! 
  • Dual function auto-shut off and delay timer: choose when you want Fast Chill Tower XL to start or when you want it to end and in up to seven hours it’ll start up or shut off. 
  • Not just for summer!: keep your home gym cool while you work up a sweat, keep your workshop cool while you’re hard at work or you could just use Fast Chill Tower XL as a normal fan. 
  • Three wind modes: puts you in complete control. Day mode is a faster, more powerful air flow designed to keep you cool when it’s warm. Calm Sleep mode alternates between a medium and low air flow for a natural, relaxing breeze. Baby mode is a low, slow, and quiet speed to keep a room cool without disturbing you. 
  • Easy to remove water curtain: in seconds you can take the water curtain out for a quick clean so you’ve always got a breath of fresh air. 
  • Easy to use touch panel controls: adjust any of the settings in seconds with no fiddly dials or buttons, simply touch the touch pad.  
  • Remote control: adjust your Fast Chill Tower XL without getting up! 
  • Water Window: you always know exactly how much water is in the easy-refill tank thanks to the handy water window on the front of Fast Chill Tower XL. 
  • Cable tidy: keep your cable neat and tidy when Fast Chill Tower XL is right next to a socket. 
  • Adjustable directional air flow: toggle the air flow from high or low and aim it exactly where you want to keep cool.  

 Product Details: 

  • Tank Size: 7L 
  • Run Time: 8 hours 
  • Wattage: 65W 
  • Sound Level: 40-64 dB 
  • Unit Weight: 10.5kg 
  • Unit Dimensions: 29.5cm x 23cm x 85cm 
  • Cord Length: 1.75m 
  • Air Flow: 500m3/h 

This product is covered by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (Terms & Conditions Apply). 

  • SmartAir Fast Chill Tower XL 
  • BONUS Remote Control 
  • BONUS x2 Removeable Ice Pack