Maxi-Glider 360 by New Image

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The versatile, total body workout that feels like gliding on air!


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  • Innovative design: Ingenious construction allows for 360 degrees of muscle-toning, fat-burning motion for a dynamic, total body workout.
  • Use your whole range of motion: Unlike traditional elliptical machines and cross trainers, Maxi-Glider 360 works your body’s entire range of motion with 4 distinct movement types: Glide, Rotate, Ski and Split.
  • 4 machines in 1: It’s an Air Strider, for heart-pumping, calorie-burning cardio. It’s a Cross Trainer, for total body muscle toning. It’s an Abductor Machine for toned and shapely legs. And it’s even a Pec Deck for upper body sculpting.
  • All-round fitness: Work your body from every angle with 360o targeting, shaping and sculpting 10 major muscle groups. Improves strength, flexibility and mobility to make day-to-day life easier.
  • Total body results: Targets your quads, hamstrings, inner and outer thigh, deep glutes, surface glutes, biceps, triceps, chest and even your abs.
  • Effective, heart-pumping cardio: Improve your heart health, endurance and stamina with a fun and effective workout that’s scientifically proven to burn up to 265 calories.
  • 4 levels of resistance: Features 4 levels of resistance allow you to tailor your workout to your fitness level – perfect for virtually any age and experience.
  • Low impact: Easy on the joints, perfect for getting your whole body moving with virtually no stress or strain on the knees. Perfect for rehab!
  • Easy to store: Folds down for easy storage in a cupboard or behind the sofa.
  • BONUS Downloadable: New Image Nutrition & Health Plan to help you lose weight as you gain fitness and tone.
  • BONUS: Exercise Wall Chart featuring everything you need to get started creating your own workout.
  • BONUS: Digital Progress Tracker so you stay informed of all your progress. Tracks calories burned, strides per minute, total strides and workout time.
  • BONUS: Heart Rate Sensor so you can follow changes in your heart rate throughout your workout, helping to ensure you exercise as effectively as possible.
  • BONUS: Tablet/Phone Stand to keep you entertained as you work out.
  • FREE App: Download the New Image Fitness app to access Carrie Wightman’s exclusive Maxi-Glider 360 workout videos, and monitor all your progress to keep you motivated on your fitness journey. Available on the iPhone App Store and Google Play.

Product Details

  • Dimensions (assembled): 73cm x 92.5cm x 130cm
  • Dimensions (folded) : 73cm x 55cm x 140.4cm
  • Weight: 20.5kg
  • User weight limit: 110kg
  • User height limit: 190cm
  • Resistance settings: 4

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  • Maxi-Glider 360
  • BONUS Maxi-Glider 360 Wall Chart
  • BONUS Digital Progress Tracker & Heart Rate Monitor
  • BONUS Tablet Stand
  • FREE New Image Fitness app (Available on the iPhone App Store and Google Play.)
  • Downloadable New Image Nutrition & Health Plan - Download Here