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Setting Spray

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Our Setting Spray has a light 2 in 1 formula, that can be used to perfectly prime the skin for makeup application or as a final touch to set your makeup look.  

With a hydrating effect, our Setting Spray tones the skin before makeup for a perfect base and after makeup, it offers a long lasting, bright effect finish. 


  •  Both primes and sets makeup 
  •  2 in 1 formula
  •  No smudging or fading
  •  Radiant and moisturised skin


  •  Easy absorption 
  •  Lightweight texture 
  •  Hydrating 
  •  Moisturising 

Apply two sprays 25cm from the face. 

1) Before the makeup, it tones and moisturises the skin, ready for a perfect base or foundation.

2) Use as a final touch after the makeup for a long lasting, bright effect finish. Excellent to help fix your makeup throughout the day.