Triple Trouble Pack 2021


Beano Annual 2021 - Beanotown is the place to go for mischief and mayhem because it's the place where kids rule! Parents and teachers might think differently, but the kids from the longest-running weekly comic in the world know the truth ... as they'll prove in 112 pages of brand new, awesomely funny stories!

Dandy Annual 2021 - Join all your favourites from Dandy as they team up for 112 pages of brand new, hilarious comic strips. Everyone's favourite Desperate Dan puts his love of cow pies to one side for the good of the planet and tries a vegetarian diet - with dramatic results! Plus Beryl the Peril, Corporal Clott and the gang are unleashed in all-new and original comic strips!

The Beano & Dandy Gift Book 2021 - A Celebration of Dudley D. Watkins
Marking 50 years since his passing, this gift book looks back at the art of legendary British comic artist Dudley D Watkins and his illustrious career at powerhouse publisher DC Thomson. With work spanning over forty years, the book contains comics from publications as diverse as The Sunday Post, The Topper, The Beezer, The Skipper Book for Boys and, of course, Beano and The Dandy.




Pack contains:

Beano Annual 2021 / Dandy Annual 2021 / Gift Book 2021

Product Code: BTT21

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